Complete Clean Energy System using Generac PWR products including solar, battery storage, inverter, automatic transfer switch, power management, and PWRgenerator.

The Latest Updates on Generac Generators for Homes and Businesses

From more powerful generators to clean energy, Generac takes another step into the future with home backup and solutions for energy independence. The Wisconsin based company manufactures products in cities throughout the state and recently opened their newest plant in Trenton, South Carolina. Generac’s customer service center near Milwaukee takes calls 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Innovation and reputation have turned the company into America’s choice for automatic home generators. Seven out of ten homeowners choose a Generac Generator over any other brand.

Generac 26kW Guardian Backyard Installation Blue Two Story Home

Generac 26kW Generator

The Generac Guardian Series is by far the most popular home backup generator in the country. With features that include 18-inch to home installation, a purpose-built engine with cast-iron cylinder walls that runs on propane or natural gas, and Clean Power Technology, Generac Guardian Generators are always ready for the next power outage.

New for 2022 is the latest step up in air-cooled power. The Smart Grid Ready Generac 26kW Generator pushes the power envelope with an advanced alternator to provide up to 26kW of power. Now, larger homes and small businesses have a more affordable and fuel-efficient solution for home backup. The 26kW fits in small spaces and costs up to $8000 less to purchase and install than a comparable liquid-cooled generator.

Smart Grid Certification allows the generator to join a distributed energy network of other smart grid generators to form a virtual power plant during times of high demand. The generator contributes power to the grid, increasing grid capacity and lowering the homeowner’s energy costs.

Generac plans to begin shipments of the 26kW late in the third quarter of 2022.

Large Home with Backup Generac 24kW Generator

Goodbye to the Venerable 20kW

Once the top end of the air-cooled product line of most generator companies, Generac phased out the 20kW standby generator in favor of the new and more powerful Guardian Generators. The introduction of the 22kW in 2022, the 24kW in 2020, and now the 26kW, homeowners have more power choices than ever before.

Other power changes included the 10kW, 14kW, and 18kW.

All the generators in the Generac Guardian Series can function as a whole house generator or power only the most essential and critical circuits, as determined by the homeowner before installation. With six power levels to choose from, there’s a Guardian Generator for every home, family, and budget.

Note: Generac still makes the 20kW 208-Volt 3 Phase Guardian.

PWRcell installation with Battery Storage and Inverter

Generac Clean Energy Ecosystem

With their eyes on the future of renewable clean energy, Generac invested in their new PWR products. PWRcell, the first whole house battery backup system, scales from 9kW-hours up to 36kW-hours of storage capacity with a continuous rated load of 9kW or 11kW. The PWRcell system includes batteries, battery storage, inverter, and automatic transfer switch to isolate the system from the grid during a power outage and keep the power on.

PWRzone, a line of connectivity products for solar installations, maximizes the output of any solar installation for optimal charging while minimizing connections and simplifying installation. PWRzone works with any new solar panel installation.

The latest addition to the PWR family is the PWRgenerator. PWRgenerator is a direct-current generator that works with PWRzone and PWRcell products in either on-grid or off-grid installations.

If solar can’t keep the batteries charged, the generator starts and runs automatically to recharge the batteries as required.

Power management is a must with any home backup power or renewable energy system. PWRmanager controls up to twelve 120-volt circuits or six 240-volt circuits, plus two thermostat-controlled circuits. With the PWRview smartphone app, the system extends PWRcell battery life using real-time data to control the loads running on the battery.