10-Year Full Warranty + 10% Off + The Best Generac Price Online

August 28, 2023, Lake Havasu City, AZ:

Now for a limited time, save more than 1700 dollars on a Generac Home Generator at Norwall PowerSystems. The savings include a full 10-year warranty covering parts, labor, and travel valued at 1035 dollars. Add in 10 percent off on a Generac Guardian and the savings climb even higher—up to 1735 dollars with a 26kW Generac Guardian + Automatic Transfer Switch bundle.

22kW Generac 7043 with 200-Amp Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch

Save 10% On a 10kW to 26kW Generac Generator and Receive a FREE 10-Year Warranty Upgrade

The 10% off sale runs August 30 through September 11. Buy a 10kW-26kW Guardian between August 28 and October 8 and get the 10-year Warranty upgrade for free. Make your purchase at 10% off, have the generator installed by December 17, and collect the 10-year warranty. Combine the Generac Generator Promotions between August 30 and September 11 for more than $1700 off the purchase of the generator and extended warranty.

Generac’s 10-year warranty covers parts, labor, and travel for the full 10 years—twice the length of the industry standard 5-year warranty that limits coverage after the first two years. A 10-year warranty on a new home generator adds the peace of mind that your home and family will have the power they need for years to come.

Travis LaVallie at Norwall

Travis LaVallie at Norwall

“As we head into the 🌀 Atlantic Hurricane Season peak, nine tropical storms and hurricanes are already in the books. Some have impacted the United States and its territories. With more storms brewing in the Atlantic and a forecast for above average activity, this is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to prepare for the long outages associated with hurricanes and winter storms.”

An automatic Generac Home Generator starts and runs within seconds after an outage hits. They operate in any weather, including a 🌀 hurricane, ❄️blizzard, or 🧊ice storm. The generators run on natural gas or propane and can operate for days or weeks until the electric utility restores power.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season Peaks from the end of August through mid-October. This year, the Generac 10% off sale and 10-year warranty promotion at Norwall begin just as we approach the historical spike in hurricane and tropical storm activity. Winter is only a few months away with the usual lineup of ice storms, polar vortexes, and heavy wet snowstorms and blizzards. Don’t miss this opportunity. Secure your peace of mind with a new Generac natural gas generator for home. Get the lowest home generator cost online today.