Generac 22kW Natural Gas Generator Pushes Beyond the Competition

The Generac 22kW Guardian Series Generator isn’t a new product. The company introduced it in 2014 with a big splash as they touted the most powerful air-cooled generator available. Generac added the product to their line of 9kW to 20kW generators designed primarily for residential applications. Since the product announcement in 2014, the Guardian Series has undergone a few changes. In the last year, the company discontinued the 20kW in favor of the 22kw. The Generac Guardian 7043 easily tops competing models that max out at 20kW.

At 22kW, the Generac Guardian 7043 outperforms competing 20kW models on several fronts while it uses the same 999cc G-Force 1000 OHV Industrial V-Twin engine as their 18kW and 24kW models, and the much anticipated 26kW model announced for September 2022.

The 22kW Generac 7043 includes a 200-Amp SE Rated Automatic Transfer Switch. Generac 7042 Does Not include the ATS.

All Generac Guardian Generators can run on either Natural Gas or LP Propane. It’s simple for the installer to switch between the fuels. The factory configures the generators to run on natural gas. During installation, the installer turns the fuel conversion knob 180 degrees to point at either LP or Natural Gas. A change to the controller configuration is also required.

22kW Generac 7043 with 200-Amp Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch

22kW Generac Guardian 7043 Power

The 22kW Natural Gas Generator produces 22kW on Propane and 19.5kW on Natural Gas. Most competing 20kW models only produce 18kW using Natural Gas. With a base load of 10kW, the Generac 22kW can start and run two 5-ton air conditioners using power management. The Generac Smart A/C module in the automatic transfer switch controls up to four prioritized air conditioners. Optional Smart Management Modules allow other the system to mange up to 8 additional loads like a well pump, water heater, electric range, and more.

Sometimes called a Load Shed Module, Smart Management Modules (SMMs) have a lockout feature than can prevent the load from operating while running on generator power. Some examples include spas, pool equipment, and on-demand water heaters that might overload the generator or use too much power if allowed to run. Generac offers two models, a 50 amp and a 100 amp:

Wire-free SMMs install quickly without additional wiring, reducing installation costs since they operate without control wires. It’s easy to set the priority of an SMM so homeowners stay in control and can change the priority order of their system as their needs change.

Inside View of the Generac 22kW Natural Gas Generator with top, front, sides open.

Smart Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch

The 200 Amp Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) makes a permanent connection between the Generac 22kW Generator and the main circuit breaker panel. The cabinet has a NEMA-3R rating for indoor or outdoor installation.

Smart switches work with the generator controller. When the houses loses utility power, the generator system detects the outage and starts the Generac 7043 engine. A few moments allow the speed to stabilize. When the generator is ready, it signals the ATS. The Switch disconnects the utility from the house and then connects the generator. Power is restored, usually less than thirty seconds after it went out.

Thirty seconds after the ATS switches to the 22kW generator, the first air conditioner starts and runs. If enough power remains for a second air conditioner, it starts 30 seconds after the first. Load locked out by the SMMs stay locked out until the utility restores power and the backup generator system switches back to utility power.

Generac Two-Line Multilingual Digital Controller

22kW Generac Guardian Evolution Controller and Mobile Link

The digital, two-line, multilingual state-of-the-art controller handles all generator functions and controls. It provides maintenance alerts and history logs, monitors the battery, and reports up to 50 stored events. Through the controller, technicians and homeowners can access and program generator controls like the exercise period, quiet test mode, and much more.

The 22kW Generac Guardian comes equipped with Wi-Fi Mobile Link, a remote monitoring system that provides access to generator status, maintenance schedule, and the controller history logs and reports. The Free Mobile Link App installs on smart phones and tablets. Additional access via a browser is available on desktop and laptop computers. Mobile provides worldwide status and alerts wherever an internet connection is available.

Other useful features provided by the controller through the Mobile Link app include: View Battery Level, Edit Generator Settings, Access Online Support, Monitor Propane Tank Fuel Level, and the Generator’s Local Weather Forecast.

Mobile Link automatically updates the Evolution controller firmware

Generac offers three Mobile Link Plans: Free, Active, and Dealer Managed.

The active and dealer plans require an upgrade to Generac Mobile Link Cellular Remote Monitoring which works over the cellular network. The dealer managed plan connects with your local service dealer. The dealer receives updates and alerts for maintenance and problems for proactive action. The dealer schedules and performs maintenance on time. If an issue arises, the dealer can fix it before it becomes a problem. For example, the dealer would replace a failing battery before it prevented the generator from starting during an outage.

The paid plans add alerts to the homeowner when the generator requires maintenance or encounters a fault or error. They also allow push notifications, email, and text alerts, and an option to exercise the generator.

Part of the Service Maintenance Contract with your service dealer, the Dealer managed plans include the same features as the active plan but add 24/7 dealer monitoring and dealer email and text alerts. Individual dealer plans and maintenance contracts vary from dealer to dealer.

When the next storm destroys the grid in your neighborhood, will you have  power or be left in the dark?

Generac 22kW Natural Gas Generator

The Generac Guardian Series is the nationwide best-selling home generator. Seven out of 10 homeowners choose Generac Guardian when selecting a home standby generator.

Every Generac Guardian Generator is Engineered and Manufactured in the USA. The company’s headquarters are near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with factories and facilities throughout the state and most recently, on the East Coast. The company staffs their customer care center near company headquarters in Waukesha, Wisconsin 24/7, 365 days a year. Call customer care at 888-436-3722 any time you have questions or need help.

The Generac 22kW Natural Gas Generator ships with a 5-Year limited Consumer warranty. Properly maintained, a Generac Generator should provide twenty or more years of service. Extended warranties add protection for up to ten years. 10-Year Extended Warranty