What Size Generator for 200 Amp Service?

Generators with less capacity than the service entrance can power a home efficiently.

Correct Generator Sizing Relies On the Calculated Load and NOT on the Size of the Service Entrance or Main Circuit Breaker Panel

The Service Entrance Rating is the Home’s Maximum Current Capacity and May Equal the Home's Main Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breakers in the main service panel usually total much higher than the panel's rated amps. Each breaker protects the wires connected to that circuit breaker. 

Every Home has Different Power Requirements.

The right generator for a home with 200A service may not suffice for a different home even  if both have a 200A service.

A Home with gas appliances and heating uses less power than a home with  all electric appliances.

Large families use more power than small families.

The right size generator for 200-Amp service is a generator that powers your home efficiently without overspending on capacity or using too much fuel.